Why do you need a water filter?

The condition of water, which a person uses at home and for drinking, is one of the determining factors of high quality of life. Water usually reaches the tap to the end user in two ways:

  • from a centralized urban water supply system for city residents;

  • from underground sources for residents of the suburbs.


Water from the water supply system may have a yellowish tint, a specific odor, and an increased content of hard salts, less often iron, aluminum, nitrates. Some impurities may affect the quality of water use in the home, and some have a negative impact on organoleptic and toxicological qualities of water. Well water often has a high hardness and iron content, and may also have the smell of rotten eggs (hydrogen sulfide). Almost any water requires some treatment to bring it to a suitable condition.


Why is water dangerous without purification?

Each water source is characterized by a certain set of contaminants, which are determining factors. In addition to the main contaminants, water can contain many different pollutants depending on the region where you live. The composition of water may vary even within a single locality. If water is taken from the centralized water supply system, the main causes of pollution are:

  • outdated water treatment equipment that does not cope with the tasks assigned to it; the smell of chlorine due to excessive chlorination;

  • general condition of water intake sources and, as a result, the content of abnormal amounts of pollutants;

  • the color and odor of the water as a result of imperfect and old pipelines.


If we talk about alternative sources of water, such as wells, there are such problems:

  • red and/or grey plaque on sanitary ware, metallic taste of water due to high iron and manganese content;

  • the smell of rotten eggs - due to high hydrogen sulfide content;

  • sticky plaque on surfaces in contact with water and high color of water - suspended solids and bacteria content.


And these are only the phenomena that a person can feel with his or her senses, in fact there are still such common pollutants as heavy metal ions, nitrates, pesticides, phenols and other dangerous substances. Therefore, before choosing a water treatment filter, it is worth consulting a specialist or even taking the water for analysis.


Where can I buy a water filter?

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